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Lincolnshire based firm Jay Dee Transport is ideally situated for easy access to all major road networks providing uninterrupted routes to many major towns and cities. Nearest airports are Humberside, Doncaster and East Midlands whilst the ports of Hull, Grimsby and Immingham are all within easy reach. So too is Spalding the UK’s premier centre for food processing.

The company provides a 24 hr seven-day operation and specialise in ‘just in time’ deliveries from courier to 7.5 ton palletised loads including multi-drop newspaper and leaflet distribution.

..............We go that extra mile to deliver a quality service..........

Delivering unparalleled levels of service in time critical and multi-drop distribution for the printing and publishing industry.


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Parcels and packages, letters and documents can all be delivered on time when trustworthy couriers are on the job. Using a range of reliable vans the parcel delivery experts can fulfil their customer`s requirements at the first call of asking. Modern technology helps delivery depots to keep in touch with their couriers as satellite equipment can now pinpoint the exact location of each driver. Not only does this help to ensure that customers can be kept informed of driver locations, it also means that new routes can be planned for the driver if delays are experienced. You tend to find that courier companies will go the extra distance and this isn`t just in mileage terms. They value the custom of their clients and want to retain their repeat business so aim to satisfy delivery requirements 7 days a week. Each and delivery is important to the couriers and they strive to meet tight deadlines no matter how strict they might be. A range of packages, letters and documents can be taken to destinations all around the country. Once they are in the safe hands of the couriers you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge that your deliveries will be made on time.


delivery services


Faced with pallets full of packages that have to be in Peterborough by teatime who would you turn to in your hour of need? You`d probably give reliable delivery services a ring that could cater for you exact requirements. They could send a suitably sized vehicle for the task in hand and expertly load the pallets onto the back of it. The driver would use a combination of their skill and satellite technology to ensure that the pallets were delivered on time. If you wanted to establish the whereabouts of the driver at any given time their depot could pinpoint their precise location. At the heart of the operation would be a fleet of fine vehicles that were all expertly maintained. Chances can`t be taken when it comes to vehicle reliability as the last thing a customer wants is their urgent consignment to be stuck on the hard shoulder of a major motorway. Customers that need boxes of books brought to Birmingham can give the dutiful delivery services a ring. Once the courteous couriers are in charge of a delivery they will treat it with the care and attention that it deserves. Use the delivery services for all of your parcel predicaments and you`ll never feel let down again.


transport services


When it comes to transport services there are certain companies that stand out from the rest. Some companies claim they can have your consignments in Cornwall first thing in the morning but the reality is they are still struggling to find the address the last thing at night. A local Lincolnshire company strives to provide a service that their customers will come to rely on. When they say they can have a delivery in Dagenham by eight in the morning they will deliver the goods every single time. High customer service levels are achieved by these types of transport services and they deliver a variety of parcels and documents using a fleet of well maintained vehicles. Unlike other courier companies this transport firm use the very latest in satellite technology. They can pinpoint drivers at their customer`s request so they know exactly where they are at any given time. On the odd chance when their route might be hindered by delays new routes can be planned from the depot. A quick call to the driver can tell them where to divert to so that all deliveries can be made on time. When it comes to transport services there are certain firms that stand head and shoulders above the rest and the local Lincolnshire firm falls into this category.


Newspaper distribution London


It must be difficult to organise newspaper distribution London. If you just think about the size of the city and all the people who would possibly want newspaper distribution London it would seem like a near impossible task to coordinate. There are so many towns and covering the city would appear to be a complete nightmare. Although the public transport network is good with the tube and buses running very regularly, actually driving across London is really difficult. Indeed, many people who have cars do not ever venture to cross London in their vehicles, opting instead to leave their cars at home and use the public transport network to get to their destination. One assumes that newspaper distribution London relies on vehicles to transport the newspapers to the places they need to arrive at and, therefore, it seems it is a very difficult job to do. Imagine all the newsagents and shops that need newspapers daily to enable them to sell to their customers and you have some idea of the difficulty these drivers and companies face. One must assume that a lot of the mark up on our daily newspapers comes from the cost of the transport in a huge city like London.


Newspaper recycling


I have recently started newspaper recycling. For years I did not bother and just put my newspapers in the dustbin every day along with all the other household rubbish. My friends were always going on to me about newspaper recycling and I would pacify them but not really take any notice. It was only when I saw a television programme about the benefits of newspaper recycling that I really sat down and thought about how terrible my ways were. I decided then and there that I would begin recycling and I haven`t looked back since. I now recycle everything from newspapers to bottles and only wonder why I have not done this before. I am also becoming quite evangelical about it. I visited a friend the other day and was actually shocked that she didn`t recycle. I really gave her a hard time about it and was droning on and on about how irresponsible she was when I caught myself and thought how I used to react when people took me to task about recycling. I changed tack and tried to show her the benefits without sounding too sanctimonious. I hope that I have made some difference but, more importantly, I hope she is still my friend!


Waste Carrier


My brother works for a waste carrier company. He has been working for this waste carrier company for about two years now and is doing really well. Initially, my parents were not very happy about him working for a waste carrier company as they thought it was a dead end job. However, he has shown them that he is doing well and they are much more happy about it now. They have seen that he has been promoted twice since he has worked there and he now has a position of responsibility in the company. He is responsible for quite a few staff and really enjoys the challenge. He also talks about how much fun his job is and he feels that every day poses a fresh challenge. The social side of his work also seems really exciting as he is always going out with his colleagues. In fact, he has met a girl at work and has started dating her. We met her last week and she seems absolutely lovely. My parents are really hoping that something long term will come out of it. My boyfriend therefore seems to have got his whole life sorted through the job he really enjoys.